The Health Centre is currently manned 24 hours a day and supported by a Health Centre Manager and a team of five qualified trained nurses, including a clinical lead.  Cover is provided from 7am to 10pm (7am-8pm at weekends) and overnight care is provided by a nurse or an experienced first aider if required.

Our aim is to promote healthy living by encouraging girls to balance their physical, social and emotional health.  The Health Centre is equipped with six beds where girls can rest if needed.  We work alongside the Houses to ensure that all girls get the very best care.

The Health Centre liaises with the local Doctor’s Surgery, Patford House, and the doctors offer a surgery at school twice weekly.

The school counsellor is located in the Health Centre and offers confidential support to girls. She is currently onsite for one day per week, but occasionally can provide additional appointments if requested.   An appointment can be made through the Health Centre in confidence if your daughter would like to speak to her.

Click here for the school First Aid Policy and Procedures