During the final week of Summer Term 2021, the LIV (Year 7) were tasked with designing and creating a high fashion outfit, entirely made from the contents of the recycling bin. During the previous Science lessons, the LIV had been investigating the effects of plastics in the oceans, especially single-use plastic, which often ends up being broken down into microplastics. As a result, the LIV looked at ways in which they could prolong the life of these single use items, making everything from hats to handbags out of things which would have otherwise been thrown away. As everything in the current climate, all fashion ensembles came with the must have accessory of the year - a face mask! The theme was 'Oceans' and each of the teams put forward their finest catwalk moves as well as discussing the reasoning behind each part of their 'look'. A great end to the Science year for LIV.