campingWe were all very excited during lockdown when Mrs Muir suggested that we could camp on St Prisca’s field when we returned to school and really looked forward to spending a night under the stars with our friends. MIV (Year 8) also joined us – but we stayed in our own year group bubbles.

Following afternoon tea in house, we went outside to set up our tents. This was probably the greatest challenge of the whole experience. However, Mrs Thompson and Miss Dickson are 'tent wizards' and were able to guide us and sort out our muddles with ease. We were amazed to hear that Miss Dickson was in charge of DofE when Mrs Muir did her Silver and Gold Awards!

Mr and Mrs Paddock made us a delicious barbeque supper and we then went and did some fun team-building activities. Miss Turley shared a very exciting piece of news with us… more on that another time. Following this, we were allowed inside to get ready for bed. In School House, we decided that this was a great time to do exchange ‘Secret Santa’ gifts as we had not been able to do this at the end of last term. It was perfect timing as when we went back to our tents we discovered that the Easter Bunny had been and left us all some treats!

After some hot chocolate, we all settled down for the night. It was very cold, but we were fine snuggled up in our sleeping bags. We chatted for a while – some for longer than others! – but soon went off to sleep and slept very well until we were woken just before 6am by a flock of geese, followed by some seagulls.

On waking up, we were amused to see that Mrs Muir’s cat, Smudge, had spent the whole night sitting outside her tent – on guard! We were very quick to take down our tents and wash the tent pegs, fuelled by another treat from the Easter bunny, and went inside for a relaxing morning and big breakfast.

Co-written by the Year 7 girls