Reflections on the Holocaust

UIV (Year 9) have been studying the Holocaust in History lessons this term, and were fortunate enough to hear a Holocaust Survivor speak in January. To complement this, as well as giving the students a chance to think more broadly about the personal stories behind the Holocaust, the UIV engaged in several activities on Wednesday of Donaldson Week.

The first section was completed in the Florence Dyas Common Room, where we discussed the importance of Testimony, in light of the aging population of Holocaust Survivors. The girls were then invited to think about one group in particular, the Kindertransportees, children (the majority being Jewish) who were evacuated out of Germany to countries abroad for their safety. We talked about the experiences of these children and refugees more broadly. The girls then created letters home, as if they were a Kindertransportee, using different colours to show the negative and positive experiences.

In the second section the girls were given the name of someone who suffered during the Holocaust and they had to research them on their iPads. They then made a small biography label which we used to create our own tree of remembrance in the classroom.

Mrs Samantha Handy, Head of History and Politics