LVI Careers Conference - 'Inspiring Women'

On Wednesday 12th February, we were delighted to welcome seven guests to Calne as part of our LVI Careers Conference, Inspiring Women. Representing an impressive array of career fields, including: Finance and Technology; Beauty, Fashion and Entrepreneurism; the Navy, Engineering and Technology; Law; Medicine and Mental Health and the Civil Service, they each gave a fascinating insight into their education, career journey and current role. A lively panel discussion on The World of Work ensued and many common themes emerged as they shared their thoughts. Key reflections included the need to be open to the opportunities that come your way, to be prepared to ‘have a go’, to not expect to follow a linear career path and to remember that being happy should be an absolute priority.

The LVI then had the opportunity to attend three different breakout sessions. Giving either formal presentations or more general Q&A discussions, breakout styles differed, but all gave our guests an opportunity to focus on their own specific areas of expertise and the chance for the LVI to not only learn more about their particular career fields, but to ask a wide range of other questions surrounding A Levels, universities and the career landscape in general.

After an enjoyable lunch, our Young Enterprise company, Perspective, gave a very impressive presentation on their book, Note to Self, a collection of articles and anecdotes for teens by teens. Mr Cleaver then moderated questions and feedback from our guests, who were only too happy to offer some wise advice, which will be extremely helpful as they approach the competition stage of Young Enterprise.

The final panel discussion focused on The Work Life Balance and whether this was something that was achievable or whether we need to accept that we will have different priorities at different stages of our lives and that compromise is inevitable. The key message was if you are unhappy with something then you need to empower yourself and change it. The final question was ‘what advice would you give to your 17-year old self?’ and the answers included the need to be resilient and to also believe that you are capable of achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Thank you to former Calne Girl, Dr Vicky Banks; parents Charlotte-Anne Fidler, Lisa Fox, Lucy Newcombe and Briana Becker Stolley; and friends of the school Amelia Gould and Jenny McMillan, for giving up their time to talk to the LVI.  They gave us all an absolutely fascinating insight into their incredible careers; they are indeed Inspiring Women! The conversations that were sparked during the day continued into the evening and the girls really did have a fantastic day.

Miss Lianne Aherne, Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education & Professional Guidance
Mrs Kate Mastin-Lee, Sixth Form Lectures & Futures Coordinator