Germanists take part in annual 'Kneipenquiz' at Radley College

Every year, the Oxford German Network (OGN) runs a 'Kneipenquiz' (pub quiz) generously hosted by Radley College. There is always a great turnout from schools around the Oxfordshire area and further afield and everyone turns up in the hope of being crowned the champions of this prestigious event. This year we took the UV (Year 11) Germanists and a great evening was had by all.

Before the quiz itself, the pupils played ‘Nur noch 60 Sekunden’ or ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ whereby they walked around the room and chatted with someone new, in German, for a minute before moving on. This was a good ice breaker to introduce themselves and practise their language skills. Teams where then mixed up from all the schools to compete in the fun and challenging quiz.

The quiz itself consisted of various rounds on different aspects of German culture, including general knowledge, geography, music and famous German-speaking people. This ensured that everyone had an area in which to contribute. The most challenging round was the last one where German compound nouns, idioms and tongue twisters had to be translated into English, but great teamwork prevailed.

Lydia came into her own when questions on the Cantons of Switzerland came up and Gigi and Amber were part of the overall winning team. Well done girls!

We are already looking forward to next year’s 'Kneipenquiz'.

Ms Melanie Davies, German Teacher