Success at 'Youth Speaks' Debate Competition

On 5th February, six MIV (Year 8) girls went to Stonar School to compete in the Rotary Club’s annual ‘Youth Speaks: Up For Debate’ competition.

The competition featured teams of three with a Chairperson, a Proposer and an Opposer delivering speeches in 15-minute time slots. The St Mary’s girls had come up with their proposals and written and practised their speeches in their own time.

First up were Claire, Isabel and Zina, with Claire proposing the motion that ‘The World Should Turn Vegetarian’. Both Claire and Zina gave powerful speeches and Isabel played the part of Chairperson beautifully. The second St Mary’s team consisted of Arabella, Honor and Mary who put on a rousing debate around Honor’s fluently-delivered proposal: ‘Reading A Book Is Better Than Watching A Film’. Arabella gave a strong rebuttal in favour of films and Mary was a very articulate Chairperson.

There were some excellent and interesting lines of argument during the night. Melksham Oak took the winner’s spot with their proposal about Exams and Coursework and, to the girls’ delight, Mary, Honor and Arabella took second place. Honor and Claire were also highly commended as individual speakers.

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to coming back to the competition next year.