Girls learn Bronze DofE Expedition Skills

On Monday 10th February the UIV (Year 9) girls undertook some core training as part of working towards their Bronze DofE award. This included sessions on first aid, team building and outdoor safety. The variable weather proved an interesting experience, with pupils dashing between outdoor spaces and much drier refuge indoors… Trying to put a tent up during Storm Ciara was never going to be easy! However, the girls did themselves proud and demonstrated a positive attitude and embodied the 'Calne Girls Can' mantra.  Their resilience tied in well with the theme of this Donaldson Week - 'Character'.

We were very grateful to the team from Wildcountry who had delivered the sessions. In the summary session Choire Horobin, Operations Manager of Wildcountry, commented on how much potential there was for the girls to go beyond the Bronze award. And the Creme Egg was the final sweetener on what had been an excellent day of learning.

Mr Michael Smyth, Deputy Head Academic