GCSE Science Live! inspires girls

GCSE Science LiveOn Tuesday 4th February, the LV (Year 10) girls went on a trip to Bath to attend GCSE Science Live!

St Mary's students, along with 1,400 other students, listened to four professors discuss different scientific topics they felt passionate about. My personal favourite was the first keynote speaker we listened to. His name was Professor Robert Winston (pictured). He is Professor of Science and Society at Imperial College and specialises in fertility studies. He talked about the development of precision surgery on the fallopian tube. Professor Winston has also spent significant time researching technology which can be used to alter the genome of an organism by the transfer of a gene from another species or breed. I found this very interesting. The mini lectures also included a presentation on exam tips and revision techniques to use in order to achieve a high mark in our GCSE exams.

Sylvie, (Year 10))