Great Science Bake Off 2019

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Science Week culminated in our annual Great Science Bake Off. The cooking session was held on Wednesday evening; each Company had two enthusiastic volunteers who were tasked with turning biscuit dough into an edible creation on the theme of 'Journey'.

Each team had the same equipment and access to a kitchen and two hours in which to roll out, bake and ice their offerings. After one or two minor issues (cooking biscuit dough under a grill doesn’t really work and producing green royal icing which foamed) the teams managed to complete their task.

Judging took place in Top Hall on Thursday morning, once again hosted by our very own Paul Hollywood (Dr Fowler) and Prue Leith (Mrs McKernan, with an amazing necklace!) Each offering was tasted, commented on and the audience waited breathlessly for the results: Best taste and texture: Year 7s – Alice and Dora (Ed Rich Company) and Best technical skills: Rose and Thea – Year 12 (Poore Company). Then came the staff challenge – each offering was tasted and evaluated and once again Mr Rose triumphed with his 'Journey to the centre of the Earth' themed cake, which had a molten core!