Computing Club work with Raspberry Pi

Practice-1 Practice-2 Practice-4 Practice-5 Practice-8 RaspPi-1 RaspPi-2 RaspPi-3 RaspPi-5 RaspPi-6

As part of their extra-curricular activities in Computing Club, students have been working with a Raspberry Pi computer. The Pi is a miniaturised form of computer, used in places like the International Space Station where you can’t have the usual, heavy computers that we’re used to seeing.

The girls have handled every aspect of its creation, from the collation and purchase of components to their construction and programming. The pictures show two Year 12 students using a soldering iron under the supervision of Science Technician, Alan Paddock. In these images, they are soldering the various computer components to the Raspberry Pi motherboard, thus creating a working circuit.

Girls expressed their excitement at having the opportunity to get 'hands on' with a computer and to see a side of their technology that they otherwise might never have encountered. Their enthusiasm for the topic was evident in the way they asked questions like, 'what happens if the solder covers more than one component?' and 'why do we need a resistor?'.

Now that the computer’s circuit is complete, girls will spend the next few weeks coding the computer in the programming language Python to set up a mini radio and an air pressure sensor. They’ve also expressed interest in purchasing other peripherals, such as a camera and a microphone for the Raspberry Pi. Progress on this project is to be hotly watched.