Girls 'Escape the Lab' in Science Week

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As part of Science Week, on 11th March, two teams were in a race against the clock… who will be the first to Escape the Lab?

Following a series of Science clues and activities, including building their own torch, solving the flame test clues, using UV light to search for codes to the padlocked box and dredging through buckets of slippery orbeez (made of super absorbent polymers which makes it science, not just fun… right?) the teams made their way through the Science block. 

Using picture clues of scientists to direct them from Curie to Newton, lab to lab and activity to activity, with QR codes thrown in as a hint when befuddled, our teams finally found the key to the edible stash in the museum cabinet. There were treats for all before the players were released from the labs, pockets lined with chocolate and ready for their afternoon lessons.

Ms Caryn Harward, Head of Chemistry