ISEBCongratulations go to all the girls in the MIV (Year 8) who took on and met the challenge of the ISEB (The Independent School Examinations Board) Project Qualification, in its inaugural year at St Mary’s. This qualification was devised by the creator of the EPQ, which many girls in the Sixth Form do alongside their A Levels, to allow themselves to pursue an interest that lies outside the A Level specification and to demonstrate they have the independent research and learning skills required at university and beyond. Therefore, the aims of the ISEB Project Qualification are to prepare pupils for the demands of their academic studies as they progress through the school, developing and nurturing the girls’ ability to: work independently, research, evaluate sources, reference accurately, compile an academic bibliography and reflect meaningfully on their own work.

The girls chose to research an impressively diverse range of subjects, including, mental health, sleep paralysis and dreams, the environment, gender equality, sexuality, smoking, the Gunpowder Plot and primary school educational resources, the relationship and communication between humans and dogs, charities, and social media. Some chose to write an academic report or give a PowerPoint presentation, two girls created beautifully presented sketch or scrap books, and another learned how to create an animation to present her work.

All girls were awarded either a Merit or a Distinction for their projects and can be rightly proud of this excellent achievement.

Quote from ISEB exam board:

“This centre shows a great grasp of how to inspire pupils to select projects that are personal and meaningful to them. I'm particularly pleased to see the inspirational work on key issues in society particularly affecting girls. It's great to see that a school can use work like this to allow girls to explore gender, sexuality and the impact of technology on their own lives and experiences.”