Birmingham UniFor Year 12, the Summer Term is full of opportunities to consolidate their plans for Higher Education, such as attending university Open Days. The current situation means that they are not able to visit in person and, instead, they are making the most of what is available online. However, our recent alumnae have been keen to help and have stepped in by offering to take part in a number of webinars where they share their experiences of university.

We held our first webinar last week and it was well attended by both Year 12 and 13 who were keen to hear their insights. We had girls joining us who were at the end of their first years at Birmingham, Durham and Leeds and were studying Geology, Archaeology of the Classical World and Politics respectively. It was fascinating to hear all about the different courses, how to navigate those early weeks at uni, the importance of choosing the right accommodation and what you can expect to be involved in beyond your academic studies. It was a lively seminar and our alumnae offered some salient advice to our girls who then had the opportunity to ask their own questions (including some on what the nightlife at each university looked like!). It left the girls inspired and informed and keen to carry out more research. We have another one lined up for next week and we are really grateful to our alumnae who kindly gave up their time to help. It was hugely valuable to both our Year 12 who are making decisions about where to go and our Year 13 who are looking forward to starting university next year. 

Miss Lianne Aherne, Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education & Professional Guidance

Birmingham University Photo Credit: Private Collection / © Look and Learn / Bridgeman Images