DebateThis week we took a slightly more sombre motion than last week’s one: this time it focused on whether the world would be better off without borders and countries. This sparked points for the different sides looking at the practicalities of it, considering the use of factions or areas, the concept of a super government as a type of global federation, and the potential for a communist utopia evolving!

Despite some excellent points on both sides, it was unanimous that the St Mary’s Debating society would rather keep countries (except for the usual ABSTAIN vote on my part!). Each week our President, Agnes, and Vice President, Annie - both in LVI - marvellously chair the debate and then take suggestions for the following week.

Having entered the English Speaking Union Mace debating competition, we were pleased to see that the ESU are also organising activities during our current circumstances to encourage public speaking:  Do have a look here to find out more.

We meet on Thursdays at 2pm in the Societies, Activities and Sports Clubs Team, Debating channel - all welcome!

Mrs Sam Handy, Head of History and Politics