Supporting Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet DayOn Tuesday 11th February - Safer Internet Day 2020 - we were lucky enough to have a police officer, Alan Aldersley-Byrne, come in and talk to us about internet safety, as part of our Donaldson Week programme.

We started by discussing different social media and the modern day compared to the 1980s-1990s. Then we watched a few NSPCC cartoon videos of what could happen on the internet, and they made us very aware of what could happen if we talked to strangers, became too addicted, shared inappropriate photos or videos, etc. We were then told about a girl who was exploited online, starting with a dating app, and two teenagers who didn’t realise the impact of posting on snapchat. We then enjoyed talking amongst ourselves about things that had happened to us or someone we know that was similar to these stories. After our time with Alan Aldersley-Byrne had come to an end, Mr Fletcher taught us about fake emails that were really trying to steal your money or hack your phone. Then our session was finished, but we had all enjoyed our time a lot. 
By Sophie, LIV (Year 7))