As part of our Donaldson Week programme, for which the theme was Black History Month, we were thrilled to invite rap artists, Breis, to come and speak to the girls in MIV (Year 8) and UIV (Year 9).

Breis (pronounced breeze) is a 'dynamic rap artist of Nigerian heritage based in South London'. As well as entertaining the girls with a few of his Raps, he took them through the history of Rap, talking about some of the great Rap artists in the UK and the US, many of whom they knew of. He then talked about the essential ingredients for a Rap, the number of lines or bars, the number of syllables per line, the rhyming and sticking to a theme. After that, the girls were tasked with creating their own Raps on the themes of social media and food, and then on the experience of lockdown, either what it was like or what they looked forward to. Breis ended the session with another performance of one of his Raps. 

Dr Penny James, Librarian 

'This was a great experience for all students who were able to listen to what he had to say; his journey through life and all of his achievements are definitely an inspiration for us to work towards what we want. Furthermore, everyone had the chance to write about their feelings and we later enjoyed hearing and sharing them as short rap songs. In conclusion, Breis’ presence at St Mary’s Calne has taught us how to express our own feelings in a different way. We had a great time while we learnt about rap music and artists.' By Valeria (UIV)

'I don't think that I have ever been really into rap as a music genre, but one visit from Breis changed that completely! My knowledge of rap increased and I had a really good time writing up my own rap lyrics! I wish that Breis could come again!' By Georgina (MIV)

Here are some of the girls' Raps:

Long days that were all boring,
Too long that the whole house was snoring,
The active, loud streets were now empty,
and all the stores were closed for once in a century,
Lying in bed and gaining weight,
while sitting there alone with an empty plate,
Scrolling through the media for whole day,
Guess I need some glasses now, yay?
Worried relatives at the end of the line,
Everyone needed a bit of sunshine,
We’re all going online shopping and I’m left with a dime,
It’s like we’re all arrested and coronavirus is a crime. - Christa (MIV)

I hope that next year will be really fun,
I’ll be playing under the summer sun,
I’ll meet up with my friends, and when we’re done
I’ll come home and go for a run with my mum,
Such fun, such fun it will be
And maybe I might even visit the sea! – Bo (MIV)

No more coughing, no more sneezing,
No more dying, no more wheezing,
No more feelings of caution or worry,
No more overwhelming sorry,
No more masks, no more social distancing,
No more coronavirus – then we’ll sing! – Anonymous.