The Maths in Motion season has started with MIV (Year 8) students taking part in a Race Day based around the Spanish F1 circuit of Catalunya. Students in teams of two (Data Engineer and Car Data Technician) analysed the different features of the track, set up the car on four key performance components, and set up the simulator to obtain the telemetry. Forty laps and changing weather conditions made pitstops a crucial aspect of the event, with tyre choice and refuelling.

The Leaderboard at the start of the race can be seen below, with Pole position going to Team Cheuk Yan and the Fastest lap to Team Cheuk Yan - 69.36 seconds. The Grand Prix winner was Team Tabitha.

leaderboard At the end of the Race Day, girls commented on their experience:

'I really enjoyed the Maths in Motion today. I learnt a lot about engineering and cars and when we finally saw our car in action in the race it was really exciting, as we had worked really hard on it.'

'I enjoyed it very much. I learnt a lot of new things. The race at the end was really exciting to watch!'

'I found the Maths in Motion today a lot of fun because I got to design my own Formula 1 race car, and adjust how fast it goes. It was a very unique experience and I enjoyed it a lot.'

'I loved the activity today as it worked not only on our maths and computing skills, but also on our teamwork and thinking skills. It was so exciting watching the race at the end and seeing which cars died and which cars lasted until the end! It was really challenging in parts but when we figured out the answer it was really satisfying and rewarding.'