The UIV (Year 9) girls spent the morning of 14th October learning about World War One - but not as the old fashioned textbooks have it! We focused on the experience of black soldiers and black women during the war and gave the girls the opportunity to reflect on the treatment of black people over 100 years ago.

We started off by looking at different groups and their experiences by adding in the missing dates and looking at sources from the time. There were four groups that we considered: black women, black British soldiers, black West and East African soldiers and black Caribbean soldiers. The girls were able to draw out the information about these groups and consider how poorly they were treated.

We then watched a video about the black soldiers in East and West Africa who were not given graves by the Commonwealth War Graves commission after World War One. Whilst at the time this was the accepted practice, it is very controversial that not much has been done to rectify this 100 years later. The girls were then encouraged to create their own memorial which could be used in Britain to educate people about the vital role played by African soldiers from multiple countries, and who we are still yet to memorialise equally with other soldiers.