As part of Donaldson Week, the Year 9 girls enjoyed a morning of activities focusing on 'Rastafarianism - Faith or Culture?'

Below, Molly describes what the girls learnt:

'Today has been a very exciting and full-on day; first we watched a live Teams call and we were talking to Ras Benji, who taught us about the religion of Rastafari. We took notes throughout his presentation; he taught us about the origin of the religion and the Emperor of the religion. He also taught us about the important symbols of the culture, like always having dreadlocks and their native colours - red, yellow and green. These colours are now associated with freedom, as Ethiopia was the only free African country. We then made posters about different topics on the subject and made card structures of their place of worship. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and learnt a great deal that we didn’t know before.’

Molly (Year 9)