As part of Donaldson Week, the MFL Department took the LIV (Year 7) girls on an impressive world tour across four continents!

The girls started their journey with a live Q&A with an Arabic speaker who took them virtually through Cairo and Upper Egypt; they also learnt the basics of conversational Arabic. The students were then taken to Italy, with a wonderful food tasting and some conversational skills on how to greet people; they also discovered the wonderful geography of Italy and all its beauty.

The journey carried on in the Swiss Alps where the students learnt about the cultural aspects of this superb part of the world, enjoying a taste of authentic Swiss chocolate. This Swiss adventure was called 'Get a taste of the Swiss Alps', and the girls also met Barry (Switzerland’s most famous mountain rescue dog), got to know Ötzi (the most famous European mummy) and discovered the story of Heidi (a girl who came to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps).

The next destination was South America, where the Aztecan culture was presented to them. We ended our world tour in China, where the students were introduced to culinary skills by cooking wontons and learning the basics about Chinese food, vocabulary and numeracy skills. After a busy day full of discoveries, the students immersed themselves in a surprise movie, transporting them to France in the 60s.

The students’ feedback at the end of the day was incredibly positive - they enjoyed both the practical aspects of the workshops (the food!) as well as discovering so many different cultures and languages in one day.