At the beginning of Donaldson Week, a speaker from BigFoot Arts Education gave a workshop that focused on the history of racism, Black Lives Matter and what can be done to stand up for what is right.

Here, Year 7 pupils, Alexandra and Eve, share their experiences of the day:

We started off having a group discussion on the death of George Floyd which sparked a global outcry and protests against police brutality and systemic racism. We then shared our knowledge, views and understandings on the highly relevant topic of white privilege and the effect it has on individuals in the UK. We were then able to design and present our own protest signs, like the ones someone would take to an actual protest or march. After we had finished our posters, we were split into small groups and were asked to come up with a march of our own. These included chants that you might have at a protest, or things you might say to get a crowd. Alexandra (LIV - Year 7), who has first hand experience from marching in a London protest says, 'It was so moving to see how passionate and involved the other girls were in demonstrating the protests - it was almost as if I were at one.'

Next, our groups were shown a small description of a protest from the past, most relating to the civil rights movement and segregation in America during the 60s. Once we had familiarised ourselves with the text, we presented a short summary in the form of a news flash role play. This displayed the effect of segregation on the world and what POC went through. To finish off our workshop, we had a debate on all we had covered which Eve and I particularly enjoyed. It was a great way of finding out how the girls felt about the topic and what they could do to help. However, throughout the lesson there was one specific man who inspired us all. This was John Lewis (1940-2020) and, to quote him, 'My philosophy is very simple; when you see something that is not right, unfair, unjust, say something, do something, get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble.'