On the evening of 7th October, the girls in Grosstete came together as a Company for the annual Company Supper. Whilst normally we would enjoy a formal supper in the Dining Room, this year the Covid restrictions which are in place meant that we had to have a re-think to enable the year group bubbles to remain socially distant.

With thanks to Lizzie and Flora, the Company Head and Deputy, together we came up with a way of holding the event outside, allowing us all to come together safely. With the overall theme being ‘The Festival That Never Happened’, a nod to the disrupted summer plans, the Ground Staff set up a number of gazebos and party tents so that each bubble had their own sheltered outdoor space. Each bubble had a box with supplies, including festival wrist bands, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and a drink.

The highlight of the event was Falvo Pizzas, an authentic Italian wood-fired pizza company, who arrived in good time to light their pizza oven and cook the most delicious pizzas ever. Although it did drizzle, it was not cold and the girls enjoyed dancing wearing the silent disco headsets, as well as the opportunity to come together and share pizza and chat in a relaxed setting. Well done to so many girls and staff who were inventive with their costumes!