Food Bank Chapel

In morning Chapel on 6th October, we were fortunate enough to be joined by Mr Kevin Wells from Calne Food Bank who came to answer some questions we put to him.

Mr Wells was able to give us lots of information about the Food Bank such as, who can use the Food Bank, what items are available, as well as telling us about the very significant increase in volunteers and the need for the Food Bank since the beginning of lockdown.

He explained about how the additional vouchers from the government during the summer meant families with children, who would normally get free school meals, did not need the Food Bank in the summer holidays.

As our Harvest collection this Sunday will be offered to Calne Food Bank we were keen to find out more about the most useful items we should donate in our Harvest Festival collection; he made us all laugh when he told us that the Food Bank 'had enough pasta to feed the whole of Calne'.

We are very grateful to Mr Wells for taking the time to inform us all about the work of this important charity and for giving us such interesting and helpful answers. We are confident that the money raised through today’s joint mufti day at St Mary’s and St Margaret’s Prep will be put to very good use.

For those of you wishing to contribute to the collection this weekend, at present there is a need for the following items.

Tinned meat
Sweet treats
Cereal bars
Toilet rolls

If any girls or staff would like to donate, but are unable to be in Chapel on Sunday, they can take their donation to either Father Jonathan’s or Mrs Bolton’s office.

Marguerite and Eleanor LVI (Year 12)