Girls complete Bronze DofE in wild weather!

The LV (Year 10) girls doing their assessed Bronze DofE expedition set off in the wild and wet weather on the morning of Monday 10th June, knowing that solid rain was forecast for the time of their expedition. It is a testament to the girls that they managed to remain cheerful despite being wet and cold by the time they got to the campsite. Tents were set up in the driving rain and the girls quickly cooked their evening meals, aware that even heavier rain and wind was forecast. Everyone was wet and cold, so they scrambled into tents and sleeping bags to warm up and shelter from the weather.

The girls did very well to survive the cold, stormy and windy night although no-one slept very well. Daybreak brought lighter rain and the girls gratefully packed up, cooked breakfast and started  the six hour walk to the finish. The girls were delighted to be back at school where house staff plied them with hot chocolate as they dried out. The girls did amazingly well in the conditions and they can all be proud of surviving the weather and cheerfully completing their Bronze DofE expedition section.