Commendations for girls in the Oxford German Olympiad Competition

 In March, LV (Year 10) students, Lydia, Catriona, Marguerite, Gigi, Christy and Amber took part in the Oxford German Olympiad competition. This year it was all about animals and monsters.  They entered the open competition for groups and achieved an amazing ‘highly commended’ for their short story in German about a bear who needed saving because the villagers had destroyed his habitat with all their rubbish. Fortunately, the story has a happy ending and the villagers clean up the bear’s habitat and all become friends.

LVI (Year 12) students Mya and Iona entered the competition in round 2 and submitted a bilingual poem about ‘the moon’ in German and Romanian, translated into English. They were commended for their work, among stiff competition, and all are to be congratulated on this fantastic achievement. Certificates will be presented in due course.

Ms Melanie Davies, German Teacher