DebateThere has been a strange, coincidental theme for debating over the last two weeks.

Last week, the team was debating the merits of there being a universal uniform. With arguments ranging from the time efficiency of not thinking about what to wear, counteracted by the waste of disposing of existing clothes, through to expressing oneself through hair - the debate was lively and amusing. For some reason pictures of grey boiler suits (the joy of using the chat bar on teams to share images and emojis) and grey tracksuits did not enthuse the girls to support the motion so the opposition won last week. No need to get rid of those colourful outfits just yet!

The theme of making people the same continued this week with a discussion on the merits of human cloning. Many references to sci-fi programmes were utilised, as well as the scientists among the students helping to explain the issue with defective genes. We also moved onto discussions of cloning whole humans vs simply organs, the latter of which actually had some supporters. There were several tangents for this topic which gave real variety to the discussion - from synthetic wombs, to synthetic meat! Despite all of this, the students decided to vote for the opposition, as they felt the benefits were outweighed by the problems.

With not long left of term now, what direction will we go in next?!

Mrs Samantha Handy, Head of History and Politics