On Tuesday 16th June, the entire Fourth Form took part in the Company Classics Competition. This was a wonderful opportunity for girls to experience aspects of Classical Civilisation and Latin outside of the classroom and have the freedom to produce a really creative piece of work at the end.

Each of the year groups either produced a Latin or Classical Civilisation project, depending on which subject they take, then after the morning briefing on their task, they split into their Company groups. There was the option of either creating a solo entry or a collaboration with their Company; they particularly enjoyed this social opportunity to be able to work together for the whole day!

The Year 7 girls could either produce a Latin monologue consisting of a debate about Greeks versus Romans, or, a poem in English discussing what the ancients have done for us. We had a very difficult time judging the wonderful entries, but decided on Matilda for the independent entry; she played the part of a rhetor (teacher) and showed some excellent expression and pronunciation. The Year 7s also continued this debate in English with some raps and they also researched Roman education. Moberly won the collaboration award for their imaginative work on a Roman school under lockdown!

In Year 8, each Company of the Classical Civilisation girls were given a myth, they then had to produce either a video, poem or art-based piece of work on that myth. Elena won the solo prize for her particularly clever retelling of the Arachne and Athene myth in a video, and we had two excellent sock puppet collaboration entries! The Latin girls were given the task of translating parts of the stories from the Cambridge Latin course about Salvius, King Cogidubnus and Belimicus, which was an especially difficult category to judge – all of the girls put huge effort into the production of their pieces and their pronunciation and accuracy. Skye won the individual award with her excellent pronunciation and acting to bring the story alive and Moberly was the overall winner of the Year 8 Companies.

The Year 9 Classical Civilisation task was ‘Women’, each Company was given an iconic woman from myth or history. We had a huge variety of entries in this category ranging from poems, artwork with commentaries and videos of scenes from their lives. Lucy and Polly won the solo prizes in this task with their impressive rap about Boudicca, that was not only entertaining but informative and well researched! The Year 9 Latin task was to translate and perform some speeches about the murder of Cogidubnus story in the Cambridge Latin course. Once again, there was a huge display of quality and effort, making it particularly difficult to judge! Moberly was the winner of the collaboration, and Izzy the individual winner with her excellent expression and acting in all three speeches.

Overall, the Company results are as follows:

1st - Osmund
2nd - Moberly
3rd - Poore
4th - Ed Rich
5th place - Grosstete

There was only one point between Moberly and Osmund, making for a particularly exciting result. A huge well done to all of the girls for their fabulous entries, and to the staff and Year 12 girls who helped throughout the day.