Science ClubLast Thursday (4th June) saw our first Virtual Science Club, 'Science Club @ Home', for Years 7 and 8.  The girls had a wonderful time experimenting with soap boat racers and looking at convection currents.

'I have been helped by Aoife, Zara and Abbie (respectively the Year 12 Heads of Chemistry, Physics and Biology) and we all meet on 'Calne Connected' via our webcams. During the first session, we investigated convection currents in cold and hot fluids with the major success being seen in Aoife's teabag demonstration. We then moved onto experimenting with surface tension on water and what can destroy it. We made mini-cardboard boats and raced them across the surface of the water.

In the second session, this evening, we will investigate chromatography using felt pens and kitchen roll. We will then be setting up our 'Osmosis of gummy bears' experiment which needs to be left overnight. If more St Mary's Year 7 and 8 girls would like to join us for future 'Science Club @ Home' sessions, just look on the Science Club Teams channel for the equipment list each Monday; the club runs on Thursdays at 5:15pm.'

Mrs Amanda Kingsland, Head of Physics