Sports FixturesLast week, we had our first virtual fixture with Downe House and Sherborne Girls. There were three categories: a 3km Virtual Race for all age groups; a Pentathlon Challenge for the Year 10 down and a TikTok Challenge for Year 11.

Entry was encouraged but optional and we enjoyed a good level of engagement from Year 7, especially for the Pentathlon Challenge. The 3km was a very competitive event, with several girls submitting excellent times. St Mary's Calne girls put in some fine performances -  Harriet won the U17 race in a time of 11.09, closely followed by Lara. There were other strong runs from Eva-Rose, Amy and Polly.

There were fewer entries in the 3km for the younger years but Honor set the pace with a fantastic 12.23  to win the U13 race. Unfortunately there were no entries from Year 10 for the Pentathlon Challenge, nor for the full five events for Year 9 (although Harriet won the U14 vertical jump and lateral quickness.) However, at U13, Baylee recorded a brilliant 824 points for the five events in the U13, winning the Cross Fit Challenge. As we approach our Sports Virtual Sports Day, there are one or two things to tweak, but mostly it was a positive and fun experience!

Click here to see the results.