This academic year students learning French, German and Spanish are being treated to a live performance in each language by Onatti, a travelling theatre company.

Hispanists thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Primera Cita last week, which was an entertaining play in which a teenage boy and girl experience the nerves of getting ready for their first date. The carefully scripted play covered a number of topics from the GCSE specification, and so provided the girls with a valuable opportunity to practise their listening skills.

The French students were similarly entertained with a performance of Les Garcons; a couple head out for a fancy dress party leaving their first-time babysitter in charge of baby Bruno. A number of hilarious situations present themselves as her ex-boyfriend arrives on the scene unexpectedly.

Girls really appreciated the performances by the talented native actors who frequently had their audience in fits of laughter. As the plays were both interactive a number of students were able to put their speaking skills to the test and influence the actors. We should like to thank them for taking part so willingly.

We very much look forward to welcoming the German actors in March for their performance of Das Schlimmste Hotel.

Mrs Claire Bolton, MFL Department (French & Spanish Teacher)