Physics tripOn 25th November, our Sixth Form Physicists went to Birmingham University for a day of inspiring lectures.

The group heard all about Gravity, from Galileo to the latest gravitational waves discovery from Dr Michael Brooks.  Following on from that, they were introduced to Particle Accelerators by Dr Suzie Sheehy and learnt that there are close to 50,000 in total around the globe. Each hospital will have five which are used in treatments. 

Prof Jim Al-Khalili was the highlight of the day for many and he introduced a relatively new and contentious field of research into Quantum Biology and challenged us to think whether breadth or depth of Science understanding is best.  The afternoon saw another lecture on Particle Physics as Prof Frank Close spoke on discoveries from Rutherford’s model of the atom to the current challenges in research that could lead to a Nobel Prize.  The day finished with Dr Jessica Wade from Imperial College London, who wowed us all with her enthusiasm for Chirality and its many applications.

Mrs Amanda Kingsland, Head of Physics