german workshopOn Friday 22nd November, two girls currently studying A Level German went to the Goethe-Institut in London to take part in a German science morning. The workshop took a form similar to speed dating, where they moved around in groups of three or four, along with other GCSE or A Level German students, to different tables in order to talk to native German scientists. Of course, all in German!

'There were four different tables that we rotated between, giving us the chance to learn about topics ranging from Malaria to antibiotic resistance in the case of Salmonella food poisoning. Most of the topics that we spoke about also linked very well to A Level Biology which we are both studying, allowing us to develop our knowledge even further. As well as hearing a lot of German, we were encouraged to ask questions about the topics, which also allowed us to practise our speaking skills. The morning finished with a quiz comprising questions about the different topic areas, which my table won!

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it very useful to be given the opportunity to hear and speak a lot of German, especially because it was based on another subject that we also study and enjoy. We learnt a lot of new vocabulary that we might not have otherwise learnt and are very much looking forward to any similar workshops that the Goethe-Institut might run in the future.'  Isabella (Year 12)

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Sean Gallup / Getty Images News / Getty Images / Universal Images Group