On Monday 25th November all the girls who study Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation from the LV to the UVI (Years 10 to 13) travelled to London to see the awe-inspiring Troy Exhibition. 

We arrived by midday and had plenty of time before lunch to see some of the wonderful exhibits which the British Museum has to offer. The groups engaged with the Parthenon Frieze, The Bassae Frieze (which was especially opened for us), the Caryatid, the Rosetta Stone, the Egyptian Gallery where we saw the fully intact remains of a 2,500 year old man, the Greek and Roman life gallery and so much more. All the girls were fascinated by the range of exhibits on offer and learnt much about how the sculptors produced their grand work and the care that was taken to deliver myth or daily life on the red figure and black figure pots.

In the afternoon came the real treat. All 100 of us filed into the Troy Exhibition in three staggered groups. The exhibition led us through the fall of Troy, to Odysseus' return, to Schliemann's excavations at Troy and then to an inspirational display of how the tale of Troy has affected the artists, thinkers, writers and artisans of future generations right up to the present day. There was a moving film of Euripides' Trojan Women performed by the women of Syria who felt a real accord with what the early Greek women had suffered in war. The whole exhibition was a tremendous insight into the consequences of war across the generations. The day ended with a short time for shopping and a much needed coffee break before we began the long journey home.

Mrs Elizabeth Rothwell, Head of Classics