Pupils visit Cambridge for Q&A Session with Mary Beard

Mary BeardOn 21st November, St Mary's Sixth Form Classicists and their teachers were delighted to team up with Bentley Wood High School for Girls for a joint visit to Newnham College Cambridge, to meet Professor Dame Mary Beard, writer and creator of a number of BBC documentaries.

Girls enjoy Gothic-themed English Society meeting

English SocOn the evening of 19th November, the Sixth Form English students gathered for the termly meeting of the English Society.

Girls enjoy Ed Rich Company Supper

Ed Rich SupperThe theme for Ed Rich’s Company Supper this year was 'Villains and Robbers' and the evening was organised superbly by Zara and Emily, ably assisted by other members of the UVI (Year 13).

Politics students visit the House of Lords

House of LordsAt 7.30am on a cloudy Monday morning, six LVI (Year 12) Politics students including myself, as well as Dr Kirk and Mrs Visser, set off on the long journey to the House of Lords, where we would spend the day.

Fascinating Lecture on the 'Calne Fates'

Calne FatesOn Tuesday 13th November, David Dawson and Tony Hack delivered a thoroughly fascinating lecture about the ‘Calne Fates’ as they are now known. The ‘Fates’ was formerly just a block of stone found within the grounds of St Mary's by our Estate Bursar, but detecting it could be of historical significance, he enlisted the help of the Wiltshire Museum, who identified it as possibly coming from a substantial and important Roman funerary monument.

Poignant Remembrance Service at St Mary's Calne

Remembrance DayThe school marked Remembrance Sunday with a very poignant service put together by members of the UVI (Year 13) girls, led by Camilla, our Head of Chapel.  The service included readings and poems from both World Wars and from more recent conflicts. The Centenary of the end of First World War was central in our thoughts and the letters from some of the young soldiers who experienced the horror of the trenches made a particular impact.

Graphic Novel Creative Writing Workshop sparks imagination

To round off their Donaldson Week activities, LIV and MIV (Years 7 and 8) attended a Graphic Novel Creative Writing Workshop. 

A 'flying visit' to Aerospace Bristol

concordeThis week (w/c 22nd October) marked 15 years since the last ever commercial Concorde flight, so it was fitting that St Mary’s Science Department chose Donaldson Week to take the LIV and MIV to Aerospace Bristol, where they got to get up close and personal with Alpha Foxtrot, the last Concorde ever built and the last ever to fly!

Girls visit Battlefields of World War One

BattlefieldsIn this term’s 'Donaldson Week' the UIV (Year 9) visited the Battlefields of World War One in Northern France and Belgium. Over the course of three days, they went to a number of different, important cemeteries and memorials to gain a better understanding of the events and impact of this monumental war.

Geography Fieldwork on the Cherhill Downs

Cherhill DownOn Wednesday 24th October, the LIV (Year 7) took to the Cherhill Downs to investigate the ‘Chalk Landscape’ and the Iron Age Hill Fort settlement. It was a glorious autumnal morning, bright with a light mist still hanging over the downs.

Girls enjoy 'Empty Hanger' Workshop

Empty HangerOn 22nd October (the first day of Donaldson Week - formerly Enrichment Week) the LIV and MIV girls (Years 7 and 8) were introduced to the 'Empty Hanger' project. This project was set up by Joanna Jepson, who is currently an Army Chaplain but was the Chaplain for the London School of Fashion.

Girls gain insights into Roman Life

Donaldson Week ClassicsA bright, sunny day was the perfect setting for the LIV (Year 7) trip to the Roman town of Verulamium on 22nd October.

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