AgnesCongratulations to the St Mary’s Calne girls on an outstanding set of GCSE and IGCSE Level results, with a remarkable 40% of the results graded 9, 64% 9-8 and 82% 9-7 (equivalent to A*-A).

Special mention goes to Foundation Award Scholar*, Agnes Arnold (pictured) and Charlotte Slater, who both achieved a clean sweep of eleven grade 9s. In 2018, an article in Research Matters (a Cambridge Assessment publication) predicted that, of pupils taking ten GCSEs, only between 100-600 candidates in the UK would achieve straight 9s. In the same article it also stated that ‘one thing is clear: achieving grade 9 in any GCSE subject is hard’ so Agnes and Charlotte should feel very proud of this fantastic achievement.

Adesola TwinsAmong the other outstanding results, a further six girls: Clemency Fisher, Megan Harley-Martin, Susannah Hirst, Matilda Knight, Sabrina Kwok and Annabel Pedgley, were awarded ten 9s and one 8.  Meanwhile, twin sisters, Kunmi and Yimika Adesola, (pictured left) also celebrated gaining fourteen grade 9s, four grade 8s and two grade 7s between them.

There were excellent results in many subjects, including 100% 9-7s (A*-A equivalent) in Art, Music, German and Greek, 95% in Latin, 93% in History and 92% in Religious Studies.

With the well-known lack of women working in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) sector, St Mary’s Calne, the first independent school in the UK to be awarded the Platinum Science Mark, is proud to be supporting girls to excel in these subjects and the girls’ results reflect this, with: 95% of entries graded 9-7 (A*-A equivalent) in Biology; 82% in Physics and 79% in Mathematics and Chemistry. The excellent results across all the subjects sets up the girls perfectly for both their A Level studies, university and beyond.

The GCSE results were also very impressive in terms of value being added. Some pupils achieved over two grades better than expected per subject and the year group as a whole recorded exceptional value added results.

Headmistress, Dr Felicia Kirk, commented:
I’d like to congratulate all the girls on these superb results. To see so many girls achieving the top grade of 9, which is extremely hard to achieve, is testament to both their hard work and the support and dedication of their teachers. In addition to these outstanding academic results, the girls are well-rounded and have a very busy school life pursuing many extra-curricular activities, whether that be in Sport, Music, Art, Drama or participating in one of the many clubs and societies at St Mary’s. I wish the girls continued success as they move into the Sixth Form here.”

* Foundation Scholarships are offered to gifted and talented pupils who require financial support to join St Mary’s Calne.

GCSE girls

 Time to celebrate!