On Thursday, 27th June, 24 excited UIV (Year 9) girls, or rather, gods, goddesses, kings, a princess and princes, a vengeful granddaughter of the Sun and a beautiful Evil, all travelled to Bristol Grammar School for the annual Festival of Latin Drama.

Once again the standard of the plays from all schools was extremely high, with a huge diversity of plays being performed, including Cinderella, Say No the Dress, Theseus and the Minotaur, Dido and Aeneas and Animal Farm.  We were the last to take the stage with Mrs Durant’s and Mrs Weeden’s class performing Medea and Pandora’s Box respectively. Bearing the weight of St Mary’s strong history of success in this competition and having seen the excellent performances before them, the pressure was on!

Their performances were a culmination of some very hard work, making props (a snake-drawn chariot, a costume for the Sun, and Minerva’s shield, complete with Gorgon’s head, to name but a few!), learning lines (in Latin) and practising their performances. All girls were an absolute credit to themselves and to the school; they put their all into their performances and really seemed to be enjoying their moment on stage. Then, after a short break, the judges’ verdicts were in. Congratulations go to both the casts of Medea and Pandora’s Box who took first and second places respectively! All staff were incredibly proud of the girls’ well-deserved wins!

Mrs Lucy Weeden, Classics Teacher