This week the girls learnt about German and Swiss Easter traditions. It is a German tradition to decorate trees and bushes with colourful Easter eggs, known as the Ostereierbaum, or Easter egg tree.

An impressive example of this tradition is the Saalfelder Ostereierbaum (Saalfeld Easter egg tree) in Saalfeld. Family Kraft decorated and hung over 10,000 eggs over the past 50 years on a tree outside their house and started the tradition locally, attracting lots of attention. The tradition has now been taken on by the town and continued as an annual communal event. St Mary’s girls followed in the footsteps of this tradition and decorated their own eggs during one of their German lessons this week.

'Eiertütsche' egg battle is known all over Switzerland and involves hitting the tip of an opponent's egg with the tip of the most decorative egg. The person whose egg breaks has to give it to the owner of the winning egg. In the city of Bern the 'Eiertütschen' is a public event which is held in the old part of town – reviving a local custom which had almost died out until recently. We held our own egg battles in class, which were great fun!

'Frohe Ostern' wünschen Frau Falconer und Frau Davies.