On Thursday of Science Week, before the live performance of the school's 'Ada Ada Ada' event, the LIV (Year 7) students were involved in a really exciting workshop which combined STEM with textiles. The group had to create a circuit using a battery pack, wiring and LED lighting, but weaved through felt.

Initially the girls were asked to develop their designs for their fabric creations and the group were very creative in their ideas and had a variety of different design styles. Next was the making part and the group used conductive thread made from steel to weave together the battery pack to the LED light.

The students took their creations away with them at the end of the workshop to continue development after the session. The session was a precursor to the main event that night, where the girls would see a full-scale version of their creations; a dress which contained 44,000 LEDs all working together to make a fantastic visual display in the Ada Ada Ada performance.

Mr Giles Mason, Head of Computer Science