Sixteen students from LIV-LV (Years 7-10) are through to the second round of the UK Bebras competition. This is a Computer Science competition organised by Oxford University. The international challenge introduces computational thinking to pupils and promotes Computer Science in over 40 countries.  Pupils have to solve 18 visual problem-solving challenges in 40 minutes. The prerequisite of getting through to the second round is getting a score which is in the top 10% nationally.

The challenge, sat by students in November, was separated into four age categories: Junior (LIV), Intermediate (MIV and UIV) and Senior (Fifth Form) and Elite (Sixth Form). The pupils who scored the highest results in each category were: Iona (LIV), Demilade and Lottie (UIV), Josephine (LV) and Elisabeth (LVI). Notable mentions should also go to Hannah (MIV) and Natalia (UV) who scored the highest result in their year group. Also of note is Beatrix (UIV), who is the only student so far to have reached the second round twice; she also managed the accomplishment in the inaugural competition last year.

Well done to all the students who participated!

Mr Mason, Head of Computer Science