Alexandra Haydon, Senior Teacher and Head of Science, was very pleased to receive a copy of the book Classroom-based Interventions Across Subject Areas, Research to Understand What Works in Education, through the post last week, as Chapter 4 was written by her.  The subject matter, getting students to ask better questions in science, was the subject of her MSc thesis in 2014 and forms the basis of some of the topics for  LIV and MIV (Years 7 and 8).

Classroom-based Interventions Across Subject Areas explores cutting-edge educational research that has real potential to support the improvement of classroom practice. Written by expert researchers and practitioners, it provides empirically tested and theory-based approaches that practitioners can use to improve learning in classroom settings.

If you would like to order this book, which is edited by Gabriel J. Stylianides and Ann Childs, please click here