On the evening of 26th September, we held the Moberly Company Supper - and what a  fantastic and retro night we had. The theme was 'Top of the Pops' and 'funky'. ABBA, Queen, Kiss and Wham! - to name a few - turned up for an evening of glorious food and great music.

Winners of 'Best Costumes' went to Nell, Skye and Imogen who came as Kiss; Tally and Rose who came as Wham! and Sandy who came as David Bowie. Staff awards went to Mr Rose and Mrs Villalobos Ruiz. After supper, we moved up to Top Hall for our silent disco. We had three music channels to choose from (including a channel with Mrs Baldwin's 80's tunes) and everyone danced the night away. We even managed a sneaky practice of our chosen song for the forthcoming 'Company Shout' competition, Mama Mia.

It was a truly fabulous night, with dancing through the eras. A huge thank you to the Catering Staff and to the girls who made an amazing effort with their outfits.

Mrs Natalie Baldwin, Head of Moberly Company