Digital AwarenessLast week, the LV (Year 10) girls participated in a Digital Awareness Workshop run by Digital Awareness UK which aims to approach social media in a positive and relatable way for pupils their age.

'During the talk, led by Charlotte Robertson, a representative of the association, we were asked about the misuses of social media that we had come across, these were submitted anonymously and were discussed among the group, then we were given advice on how to handle these issues. For example, one of these problems was the concept of: 'airing people.' We debated and discussed the pros and cons and subsequently decided that, in certain circumstances, it is acceptable. Overall, the talk was highly educational and beneficial; it brought to light that social media, when used correctly, can be a wonderful thing. Charlotte’s advice was not only helpful, but also extremely engaging.'

Lydia and Catriona (Year 10)