On Friday 21st September, we held our annual Careers Networking Evening for girls in the UV (Year 11).

Top Hall was transformed into a hive of activity as we hosted 16 guests, each representing a different profession. Girls attended six networking sessions (based on their particular interests) and spent ten minutes at each, learning about all of the various professions and what they involved. From Architecture to Marketing and from Engineering to Law and Fashion, there really was something for everybody. Girls asked lots of interesting questions and enjoyed learning more from our guests who had kindly given up their evening to share their expertise.

It certainly provoked lots of reflection on the wide range of career paths available and encouraged girls to think broadly and deeply about what lies beyond St Mary’s. It was an excellent introduction to the world of work, something which will be further developed after their GCSEs, when they head off on their work experience placements.

Miss Lianne Aherne, Director of Sixth Form, Higher Education and Professional Guidance