Engineering courseAt the beginning of July, Year 13 pupil, Murjanah, attended a Headstart Course for Broad Based Engineering at the University of Manchester.

'My experience at the University of Manchester Headstart Course for Broad Based Engineering from 2nd-5th July was a great way for me to decide what field of engineering I wanted to go into.

I was able to take part in activities for Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering. These activities gave me an insight into what I would be studying in that field of engineering and how I could apply it after university. I also got to meet with a panel of engineers who work in different industries who were able to answer several of my questions, both about engineering and how they are able to balance it with their different lifestyles.

In addition to the engineering aspect, I was given an in-depth tour of Manchester by a very educated local where I was also able to visit the place where graphene was discovered. Overall, taking the Headstart course was definitely a highlight of my year and a great way to understand what I wanted to study at university. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work in a STEM field.' 

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