Cyber securityThe National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, has developed a summer programme called CyberFirst which has been established to identify, support and develop the young cyber talent in the UK.  Oscara (Year 11) spent a fantastic time at Warwick University on one of the courses and here is her write up of the week:

'Over the summer I was lucky enough to attend a CyberFirst course. I travelled all the way to Warwick University – one of the top universities for Computer Science – and spent a week learning all about cyber security. It was all about hands-on learning, as well as a bit of theory.

Each day consisted of a few lectures, a guest speaker and lots of practical work. Each guest speaker talked to us about how they are involved in cyber security and potential career paths. One expert worked for the police and his job focused on cyber forensics. Another speaker talked to us about how cyber isn’t all about computers; her job was about how the cyber security industry needs more people with creativity. This is because as hackers become more inventive, they need people who can think outside the box and counteract the attacks. 

We learnt about a huge range of things from how everyday technology works to how we can take sensible steps to protect our digital world. However, for me the best part was learning how to hack an airport website so that all the money from booking online parking goes into your bank account!

Staying at a university was cool as I really got a feel of university life. It was an interesting experience and I would really encourage anyone to attend if they have an interest in Computer Science or cyber security. I believe that more girls are needed in this industry.

For more information search for CyberFirst and explore how you could access summer programmes in cyber security and cryptography which could lead you into one of the UK’s largest growing job sectors. 

Oscara, (Year 11) 


Photo credit: Science Photo Library