Michaela (Year 13) entered the John Locke Institute essay competition this year, where you could chose from History, Politics, Philosophy or Economics essay questions. Michaela chose to address the Economics question of the Gender wage gap, since it was an area that she studied not only in her A Level Economics, but also in A Level Politics where she studies the theories of Feminism.

The full question was:

'It has been said that a company may hire a woman for four-fifths of what a man would earn, to do the same job and do it just as well. If this were true, why would any profit-maximising employer choose to hire any men at all? Is there another explanation for the perceived gender wage gap? What are the policy implications, if any?'

In a highly competitive essay competition, Michaela was given the distinction of highly commended. She was invited to Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford for the awards dinner to receive her certificate. In addition to this she got to hear abbreviated versions of some students’ essays in a lecture form.

Well done to Michaela; her hard work has clearly paid off.

Mrs Samantha Handy, Head of History and Politics