Latin PlayOn Monday 25th June, one unfaithful Jupiter and another kingly one, three jealous goddesses and Mercury, several nymphs and huntsmen, a self-obsessed Narcissus and a happy newly-wed couple all set off from St Mary’s to Bristol Grammar School for the annual Latin Play Competition.

The standard of all the plays from St Mary’s, Bristol Grammar School and the Royal High School, Bath, was very high. Sally Knights, author of several school text books on Classical Civilisation, judged the competition and commended the students for learning their lines so well, finding and making their props and putting on such slick productions within a very short space of time. The Classics Department was very proud of all the girls who took part and especially delighted that Miss Cavanagh’s class was awarded second prize. Indeed, the prize money was put into excellent use almost immediately and all the girls were treated to a well-deserved Mr Whippy from the ice-cream van parked by our coach! Well done, girls – you were all fantastic! 

Mrs Lucy Weeden, Classics Teacher