psychologyOn Monday 18th June, the LVI (Year 12) Psychology class had the excellent opportunity to meet two Calne Alumnae, Charlotte and Georgia, who are studying Psychology at Manchester and Cardiff University respectively.

Approximately three of the current class are looking to study Psychology when they move onto university and this was a unique chance to get a clearer idea of what the course will entail. As a group we sat down and had a chat about the various aspects of university life, like booking accommodation and transport to and from university. It was useful to hear a more realistic view of student living, including some of the more negative aspects, such as messy roommates and the decline in support, unlike at boarding school.

We were also able to ask questions about A Levels and what they would have done differently if they were in Sixth Form again, receiving a valuable insight into revising for A Levels next year. In addition, they explained some of the specifics of the Psychology courses they were studying, including additional subjects away from the A Level specification, but the advice they gave about university was broad enough so it was helpful for even those thinking about applying for other subjects.

We would like to thank Charlotte and Georgia for giving up their time to talk to us and wish them the best of luck in the rest of their degree work.

Grace and Lauren LVI (Year 12)