On Monday 11th June, as part of Enrichment Week, the LV (Year 10) girls studying Geography GCSE set off for Dartmoor on their fieldtrip. 

"After travelling for a couple of hours we stopped at our first site of the day, Hay Tor, to study the distinctive landscape and its formation. After lunch, we travelled to our first of three river sites, an example of a section of the upper course of the river, as each site showed a different stage of its course. We took certain measurements such as the velocity and cross-sectional area of the river. As a result, we were able to compare and evaluate the different characteristics and features each river exhibited. In the evening we were able to use the swimming pool before cooking our own supper, which was a new experience for a lot of people and although there were a few mishaps we mostly all managed to enjoy a delicious meal every night.

On Tuesday, we started the day visiting different areas in Exeter to compare the environmental quality and multiple deprivation score of each area. Our third area to study was Exeter city centre, where we had some free time to look around the shops afterwards. In the afternoon, we went for a walk to look at Lydford gorge and waterfall. Here we were able to clearly see the river landforms and their formation, which we are studying for our GCSE.

Wednesday started with a visit to Tintagel, North Cornwall where we walked around the remains of Tintagel Castle on an enjoyable but tiring walk. After eating some of the best Cornish ice-cream we made our way to the famous Boscastle, one of our most important case-studies for GCSE. Here we carried out a number of observations to explore the effectiveness of the flood defences.

We spent Thursday at Dawlish Warren on the coast, looking at coastal landforms and defences. We measured the effects of the defences and the longshore drift, by means of assessing the frequency and length of the waves. We also carried out surveys, asking the general public their opinion of the defences. This was followed by more delicious ice-cream. Later that evening we enjoyed a great dinner at a local restaurant, which ended with some very memorable speeches by the teachers, who gave some information on what they had enjoyed about living with six girls in a lodge for the week (including some unforgettable personal poetry).

Overall, the week was a very exciting experience in which we got to see for ourselves many of the processes we have been studying in action, which included both human and physical geography.

Nell (LV Form)